Helleborus Shooting Star
Helleborus Shooting Star

Helleborus Shooting Star

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Appropriately named Helleborus Shooting Star bears superb creamy, white blooms on erect stems, the green and pink tints darkening as they mature. The foliage, growing in a semi-evergreen mound, is distinguished by its serrated edge and silvery veins, contrasting against the dark green. Curiously, hellebores bow down in response to a frost but spring back as the temperature rises.

Helleborus Shooting Star is an attractive hybrid of the Christmas rose. All hellebores have been carefully bred from Christmas or Lenten Roses to produce exceptionally robust varieties that flourish in our climate. The beautifully marked ‘petals’ are sepals (the petals modified to become nectaries), which is why the flowers last so long.


Flowers: Late January onwards

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Partial shade
  • Leave foliage to protect the young buds, but as the hellebore flowers, remove the old foliage to reveal the blooms, this looks attractive and helps to prevent disease. After the first year, top dress with fertiliser in autumn.
  • Caution is required since the whole plant is toxic to humans and animals and can be a skin irritant