Heuchera Forever Red

Heuchera Forever Red



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Heuchera Forever Red adds bold impact to the garden with its dramatic fiery red foliage, the leaves lobed and shiny. In summer, tall, slender stems hold tiny coral-coloured flowers above the foliage, bringing colour and vibrancy to a dappled spot in the border. Use it to line a pathway or plant alone in a container for a burst of colour on the terrace. The intensity of the foliage colour will alter during the year, becoming more intense in colder weather. 

Heuchera is native to North America, where it is given the common name ‘alumroot’. It is named after an 18th-century professor at Wittenberg University, Joahann Heinrich von Heucher. 


Flowers: June - August

  • Well drained soil 
  • All aspects
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • Being semi-evergreen in colder areas most of the foliage may die back, otherwise, remove damaged foliage in the autumn
  • Does not like dry soil