Heuchera Wild Rose
Heuchera Wild Rose

Heuchera Wild Rose

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The foliage of Heuchera Wild Rose is strikingly beautiful; the deeply lobed leaves are an almost luminous dark rosy purple with charcoal grey veining and grow in an attractive, semi-evergreen clump. In early summer, deceptively delicate stalks spring from the centre bearing panicles of pretty rose pink buds which open into small, exquisitely pretty flowers.

Heuchera is native to North America, where it is given the common name ‘alumroot’. It is named after an 18th-century professor at Wittenberg University, Joahann Heinrich von Heucher. Especially useful due to its tolerance of shade, use it to magical effect as a companion plant to Hostas and Ferns or for underplanting shrubs.


From June to August, delicate pink flowers held on fine stems above foliage.

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • Sheltered

Position to the front of a sunny dappled border or in a container. Being semi-evergreen in colder areas most of the foliage may die back, otherwise, remove damaged foliage in the autumn.