Hydrangea petiolaris
Climbing hydrangea

Hydrangea petiolaris



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Hydrangea anomala petiolaris is one of those rewarding plants that thrives in difficult situations, for example climbing up a north facing, cold wall with little sunshine. Not only is it obliging but it is highly decorative, its large, heart-shaped leaves crowned with panicles of white flowers in summer. Once established it will cover a gloomy wall and give joy. 

A native of Himalayan woodlands and South and Central China, this self clinging plant has ‘adventitious’ roots, which mean that they spring from areas on the plants that are not part of the base root system. These aerial roots do not damage stone or brickwork, but the weight of the mature plant requires sturdy wires or trellis as support as the plant grows.


The lacy flower heads appear from July to September

  • Well drained, moist, fertile soil
  • Any aspect
  • Partial sun

Because you will be planting this climber in the shadow of a wall or fence, so ensure as it establishes itself that it is well watered. It flowers on last year’s wood so prune carefully in autumn or early spring. Toxic if ingested and gloves are recommended.