Hypericum Miracle Blizz 3L
St John's Wort

Hypericum Miracle Blizz 3L



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Hypericum Miracle Blizz is a woody perennial shrub, also known as St John’s Wort, which forms a compact, bushy mound. Its most striking feature is that it bears both flowers and berries at the same time. The small glossy leaves form a foil to the delicate, cup shaped yellow flowers, which then set to become creamy white berries, turning black once fully ripe.

Flourishing in either full sun or partial shade, it is a valued addition in the border or as a specimen in a container, with its stems much prized for floral arrangements.

  • Flowers: July - September
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil 
  • South, East or West aspect 
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • Sheltered
  • Fruits are ornamental – not to be eaten
  • Does not require pruning but can be trimmed in spring to retain shape