Patrizia Bonfanti Kuni No Lace Dover Boot in Shine Black
Patrizia Bonfanti Kuni No Lace Dover Boot in Shine Black

Kuni No Lace Dover Boot in Shine Black


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The Kuni No Lace Dover Boots in Shine Black are extremely comfortable, effortlessly chic combat boots in high quality leather featuring a black sheen, with a detailed pattern akin to snakeskin. Such an iconic design is provided by the absence of laces and the addition of a hidden elastic enveloped by a clean lined design. Bearing an ultra-glamorous and textured construction, these boots offer a versatility that enables you to complement a minimalistic outfit, or a statement piece for an evening out. 


Synonymous with style and personality, Patrizia Bonfanti started creating her innovative footwear range in Tuscany in 2015. Pairing tradition with innovation, these versatile shoes were designed with the mind of making even the busiest women appear effortlessly chic, with the added advantage of supreme comfort and quality.

Burford Garden Company

  • Material: 100% Italian high leather ankle boots with hidden elastic, internal zip, mart sole, round toe, leather lining, notched sole
  • Made in Italy
Burford Garden Company