Large Etched Lobster Pot Plant Support
Large Etched Lobster Pot Plant Support
Harrod Horticultural

Large Etched Lobster Pot Plant Support



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Perfect for large plants prone to collapse, such as peonies, poppies or delphiniums, this plant support makes a lovely architectural feature in its own right, with its distinctive lobster pot shape. It is also useful in winter over a delicate plant, stuffed with straw or bracken for protection from the cold.

Each piece is etched by hand to give a handsome antique appearance that evolves with age and improves with the vagaries of the British climate. The support can be pushed up to 17cm into the soil depending on the height required.

Details & Care
  • Endorsed by RHS
  • Handmade in Suffolk
  • The supports are made using strong 10mm diameter solid steel rod, hot dipped in molten zinc which envelops the steel in a blanket of rust protection to make it tough and durable
  • Supplied as one fully welded piece, no assembly required.
  • Colour can vary from light to dark grey, it is not a paint and is not intended to be completely uniform, which naturally adds to its appeal