Sylvagrow Organic Planter Bag Compost with Tomorite, 42l

Levington Organic Deep Planter Bag with Tomorite, 42l


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The Levington Organic Deep Planter Bag with added Tomorite organic tomato food has been enriched with seaweed to impart greater flavour into fruit and vegetables. 100% peat free, the bag is a deeper thickness for root growth and is ideal for growing full flavoured tomatoes. Three bag minimum purchase.

Cut out panels along dotted lines. Use the end panels if only planting two plants. Wait until the first flowers open before planting tomatoes.

Details & Care
  • Follow basic garden hygiene
  • Wear gloves, and wellington boots
  • Wash hands after working
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Use in a ventilated place and avoid breathing in dust
  • Avoid piercing bottom of bag to retain moisture
  • White mould: under certain conditions a white mould may appear on the surface of some of the particles. This is entirely normal and not harmful to humans, plants or pets.