Lycium barbarum (Gojiberry)

Lycium barbarum (Gojiberry)

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A Goji berry, also known, charmingly, as the Duke of Argyll's Tea Tree, is a deciduous fruiting shrub that is easy to grow, and, once established, is tolerant of wind, drought and salt. Best grown against a wall or obelisk, situated in full sun for the best crop, the goji bears summer flowers, followed early in autumn by edible, red berries with a flavour of mild, sweet liquorice. 

Goji berries are well known in Asia as a ‘superfood’ - packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, they have been used for thousands of years as a supplement to balance the body and protect against age related eye diseases such as glaucoma. 

  • Flowers: June 
  • Fruit: August - Sept 
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil 
  • All aspects 
  • Full sun 
  • Highly prolific and self-pollinating
  • Ensure the soil is kept moist as the fruit is swelling
  • Protect the fruits from the birds (or leave berries on the shrub to encourage wildlife)
  • Prune after harvesting to encourage new fruit-bearing upright shoots (flowers and fruit are formed on the stems from the previous year)
  • Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2-3 years
    Wear gloves for protection against spines
  • Berries can turn black when handled so consider harvesting by shaking the shrub gently and allowing berries to fall onto sheet below