Malus Cox's Orange Pippin M27 (Apple)
Malus Cox's Orange Pippin M27 (Apple)
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Malus Cox's Orange Pippin M27 (Apple)



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Introduced in 1825, British native apple Malus domestica Cox's Orange Pippin, or simply the Cox apple, is an eating apple that can be consumed straight from the tree. This early cropping variety on M27 rootstock is crisp, juicy and honey-sweet. The tree produces pink-tinged white blossoms in spring, followed by apples that are red with an orange flush in early autumn.

Cox’s Orange Pippin is widely regarded as the best tasting dessert apple. It is a spur bearer variety which needs favourable soil and weather conditions to crop well but suits the British climate.


Best grown in a sheltered, sunny spot where the blossom can attract pollinators and the fruit can ripen in the sun. Prune annually to achieve the optimum crop. For an increased yield, plant with other apples.

  • All soil types
  • South or West aspect
  • Full sun
  • Sheltered

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