Hairy Pot Mint Lemon

Mint Lemon



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The leaves of Lemon mint, rather unsurprisingly, given the name, combine the scent of fresh lemon and mint, so are ideal for adding to cold summer drinks or for use in Greek cooking, jams and jellies. Leaves can also be used for pot pourri. Mint has a habit of becoming a little invasive so, if you prefer to avoid this, plant it in a container on a sunny terrace, where you can enjoy its aroma and pick leaves easily for the kitchen. 

Grown in peat free compost in a biodegradable pot made from waste coir and natural latex. Remove plant from pot or cut/tear away some of the coir if the plant is well rooted and hard to remove. 


Flowers: July- August

  • Moist, well-drained soil
  • South, West or East aspect
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Sheltered
  • Pop the discarded coir pot in the green bin, leave out for birds to use for nesting, use as mulch or add to compost heap
  • Easy to grow, it will soon spread into a large clump so restrain by planting within a (well-watered) large pot
  • Coir pots are supplied by one specific village producer in Sri Lanka. They have built a school, old people's home and extension to the local medical centre over the years from the proceeds of coir pot production