Niwaki Mini Crean Mate
Niwaki Mini Crean Mate

Mini Crean Mate

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Sharpening Stones
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A new mini version of the classic cleaning stick, 'Crean Mate' is an invaluable tool for the care of gardening blades. An excellent scouring block that will return your tools back to their former glory, the rough texture can be used to remove any unwanted rust or sap that has collected on your tools. 
Details & Care
  • Remove leaf resin, rust and gunk with a Crean Mate and water
  • Dry, wipe over with Camellia oil and store in a dry place
  • Made from polyurethane  
  • The Crean Mate has a rough texture, so we suggest patch-testing before using on prized blades.  
  • About half the size of the original Crean Mate.