Ortigia Gift Box 3 x 100g Soaps
Ortigia Gift Box 3 x 100g Soaps
Gift Box of Three x 100g Soaps

Gift Box of Three x 100g Soaps


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A beautiful gift box containing three luxurious triple milled olive oil soaps made from natural ingredients including almond oil, milk proteins and natural colours. The vintage city image is duplicated inside the lid of the box which ensures the set looks appealing when on display or closed.


Ortigia is a Sicilian company that is inspired by the aesthetics, culture and scents of Italy's tropical region. The gorgeously unique packaging draws on exotic images and the island's colourful history, whilst also referencing the finest traditions of the Italian way of life.

Details & Care

3 x 100g soaps


Both boxes contain:

  • Fico d’India – named after the Fico d’India cactus, this scent has blends of powdery fig, cactus juice and cedar oils.
  • Florio – reminiscent of a Sicilian spring, this fragrance is soft and delicate, with a blend of narcissus, wild iris, and jasmine.
  • Bergamotto - distinctly Sicilian, the essential oil is derived from the crushed leaves and zest of the bergamot orange tree.