Ortiz Anchovies

Jarred Anchovies



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Caught during the spring fishing season, these Jarred Anchovies are prepared to maintain their premium flavour. Aged in barrels for a minimum of six months, they are then hand-filleted before being preserved in olive oil. Perfect for bringing some fresh saltiness to a pasta sauce or alongside black olives and capers on a stone baked pizza. 

Since it’s very beginning Ortiz has been rooted in traditional coastal fishing methods based on the tides and a steadfast respect for the sea. In 1942, José Ortiz and his son, José Antonio Ortiz, created the limited company, and the same family manages the company today.

Details & Care
  • Keep refrigerated after opening
  • Keep submerged in oil (refilling if necessary)
  • For the best flavour consume within 5 days