Palla Imprunetta Terracotta Pot 30cm
Palla Imprunetta Terracotta Pot 30cm
Italian Terracotta

Palla Imprunetta Pot 30cm

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The superb bulbous form of this Palla Impruneta Pot (palla means ball in Italian), has been passed down the centuries. Made by highly experienced artisans in Tuscany, the decorative wavy ring around the rim - like a pie crust - bears the finger marks of the maker. It is perfect for planting bulbs or herbs.


Impruneta in Italian means ‘from the pine woods’ and is the name of an ancient Tuscan town and commune known for centuries for its production of terracotta. This pot is an example of this local tradition, being handmade from local, naturally occurring Galestro clay, it contains no artificial chemicals, is ecologically sound and ideally porous for plants.

Details & Care
  • Naturally occurring terracotta
  • Handmade, drainage hole in base
  • Frost resistant
  • If necessary clean with brush and soapy water (avoid harsh chemicals)