Peacock Brown Small Bowl
Peacock Brown Small Bowl

Peacock Brown Small Bowl



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Strikingly beautiful and handmade, this Small Peacock Candy Brown Bowl, with vibrantly contemporary colours, has a long heritage dating back to the late 17th century. Romania is known for its ceramics and embroidery, and the decorative motifs are often shared. This artefact is almost a work of art, too beautiful to fill.


The slip glaze technique used here is typical of exemplary work produced in the Horezu Monastery, in Walachia, now a Unesco Heritage site. Hand thrown on a kick-wheel, the bowl, once dried, has concentric circles of coloured glazes applied with a goose quill. A stick is then used to pull radiating lines through the glaze in a technique called jiravirea.

  • Natural clay with glaze
  • Handwash, not dishwasher safe