rspb Premium Peanuts, 1.8kg

Premium Peanuts, 1.8kg


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rspb Medium Nut Feeder
Medium Nut Feeder


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Rich in fat and protein, peanuts have always been a high-energy favourite with our feathered friends. Poor quality peanuts sometimes contain aflatoxin which can build up in a bird’s body and eventually lead to death. These are premium peanuts as RSPB undertakes strict testing, rejecting any nuts with detectable levels of aflatoxin.

We recommend using a mesh feeder for peanuts so that young birds don’t choke on a large piece of nut. Will entice blue tits, coal tits, great tits, long-tailed tits and siskins.

Details & Care
  • Regularly cleaning bird feeders, bird tables and bird baths is vitally important to ensure birds stay healthy. RSPB recommends you clean bird feeders, tables and baths at least once a week. The water in bird baths should be changed daily.
  • Always provide birds with fresh water for drinking and bathing.