Wildlife Garden Bee Nest
Wildlife Garden Bee Nest
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Bee Nest

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Solitary bees do not live in colonies, preferring to nest in a dead tree stump or hollow. As these sites decrease and the number of solitary bees is under threat, the hollows of bamboo stalks can replicate their natural nesting sites and provide a safe haven. This charming bee hotel is a fantastic way to observe and support the bee population.

Unlike honey bees, solitary bees do not sting (as they have no colony to protect) and also do not produce honey but they are highly beneficial to the garden as pollinators.

Details & Care
  • Materials: wood, bamboo canes
  • Wall bracket and screws supplied
  • Place in a sunny location, preferably a south facing wall. A position near nectar rich plants is also recommended, fruit trees for example.
  • Made in Sweden