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David Austin Roald Dahl Rose

Rosa Roald Dahl®


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Rosa Roald Dahl (Ausowlish) is an English Musk Hybrid rose with medium-sized, cupped rosette flowers of a perfect peach colouring, developing from beautiful soft orange-red buds. This free-flowering rose forms a rounded, bushy shrub when it matures, with few thorns and mid-green foliage and a lovely medium strength tea fragrance.

Please note, our roses are available to purchase all year round, so depending on the time of year your rose may either arrive in bloom or have been pruned or deadheaded appropriately for the season.


This variety was named in 2016 with the approval of Roald Dahl's wife, Felicity Dahl, to highlight Roald's love of gardening and to celebrate Roald Dahl 100. The colour of the rose immediately brought to mind the eponymous peach in James and the Giant Peach, one of Roald Dahl's best-loved novels.

  • English shrub rose grown for height and scent
  • Flowering period: repeat, July - August
  • Fully hardy
  • Few thorns
  • Classic plant for mixed border or container
  • Enriched, well-drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun or partial sunlight

Dig a hole larger than the root ball and loosen surrounding soil, sprinkle with Mycorrhizal Fungi to promote root growth, position rose, infill and water well. Deadhead spent blooms to promote new buds. Please see our Rose pruning guide.


Medium, fruity tea fragrance