Rubus idaeus Autumn Bliss (Raspberry)
Raspberry Autumn Bliss

Rubus idaeus Autumn Bliss (Raspberry)

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Rubus idaeus Autumn Bliss is a popular autumn-fruiting raspberry that produces distinctive red berries from August until the winter frosts. The short and strong canes of this fast-growing raspberry require little support, making it a perfect variety for the novice and the smaller garden. The attractive, dark red berries are large with a firm texture, carrying an excellent flavour. 

Autumn Bliss is a primocane variety that flowers and fruits on the first year's growth, over a long cropping season. It is exceptionally easy to maintain and care for, with good disease resistance. It is a recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence in the garden.

  • Fruit: August - October
  • Hardy
  • All soil types
  • South or West aspect
  • Full sun
  • Sheltered

Cut back all the canes in winter.