Saffron Kelpie Laqured Wood Lamp
Pooky Lighting Saffron Kelpie Laqured Wood Lamp

Saffron Kelpie Laqured Wood Lamp

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Finished in a glorious saffron tint, the Kelpie Wood Lamp has a thinly applied translucent resin lacquer so the grain of the wooden base remains visible. Pair with an equally stylish shade to create a stunning addition to your interior.


Table lamps are perennially popular for lighting as they diffuse a softer light, which is less intrusive and creates ambience. Personality can also be expressed in the choice of lamp and shade, by selecting a vibrant statement piece or something more unobtrusive.

Kelpie Saffron Lamp

  • Glazed ceramic
  • Push bar switch
  • Olive green fabric three core flex
  • Will fit B22 bayonet light bulbs
  • Shade and lightbulb not included
Kelpie Saffron Lamp