NoJo Sauces Sesame Sauce

Sesame Sauce



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Distinctly nutty in flavour, with an aroma of sesame and balsamic, bring a defining Asian flavour to your next roasted vegetables, salads, fresh bread, or rice. Whether you are grilling, pan-frying, oven baking, or steaming, this sesame sauce this will bring out the umami in your creations.


Few do sauces and sustainability as good as NoJo. Since the very beginning, their aim has been to produce sauces that magically transform everyday meals into something truly special, in just a matter of seconds, and without impacting the environment. Using the all plant-based natural ingredients, they are GMO-Free, plastic-free and, a certified B corporation.

Details & Care
  • Store in cool dry place
  • Refrigerate once opened
  • Consume within 6 weeks