Set of Three Grill Trays
Set of Three Grill Trays
Set of Three Grill Trays

Set of Three Grill Trays



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A fantastic set of three grill trays for use on a barbecue, pizza oven or fire pit. The small holes allow the smoky flavour to permeate the food while keeping the ingredients secure. With two small trays and one larger tray, the whole meal can be cooked and served directly from the trays, which have the added benefit of being easy to clean. Some images courtesy of Kadai.


Working with talented artisans and craftspeople, Kadai’s founding principle is to design, make, and supply handmade products that are as useful as they are beautiful, with minimum impact on the environment.

  • Made from steel
  • You can repeat the curing process whenever necessary to keep the grill trays in good condition, as cooking or heating some foods may degrade the oiled finish.
  • Avoid cleaning in the dishwasher as this will remove the natural oiled finish.
  • Grill trays should be washed, dried and wiped over with vegetable oil after every use.

These trays have a protective, food-safe coating for transportation and will require a traditional curing process prior to use:

  1. Heat the grill trays to a medium temperature and then wash in warm, soapy water.
  2. Dry thoroughly and apply a thin coat of cooking oil with kitchen roll.
  3. Heat to a medium temperature, then leave to cool.