Sorbaria Sem AGM
Sorbaria Sem AGM
Ural False Spirea

Sorbaria Sem AGM 5L

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Early shoots of Sorbaria Sem emerge in a delightful pink-tinged lime green, which morphs, as the elegant, fern-like leaves mature, into a rich green. These leaves create a lovely foil for the wonderfully frothy, Astilbe-like white flower heads that follow in summer. The foliage of this chameleon of a perennial then offers a dazzling display of autumnal colour.


Sorbaria Sem is wonderfully robust thanks to its roots in the inhospitable Ural Mountains of Russia, Siberia and Kazakhstan; as a result the deciduous foliage will tolerate late frosts. The original plant was carefully bred in the Netherlands to produce this unusual and tenacious variety. It is a recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence.


In mid-summer the highly decorative white flowers will appear in stiff panicles on upright stalks

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun
  • All aspects

This is a beautiful and very robust plant. Plant it in the middle of a border where it will not bully other plants. In early spring cut back any unwanted foliage and control suckering and any over spreading roots by chopping out with, ideally, a perennial spade.