Stainless Steel Protective Plates
Stainless Steel Protective Plates
Green Feathers

Stainless Steel Protective Plates



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Prevent predators and attract your favourite feathered friends with these species-specific stainless steel bird box protective plates. 

Based in Bristol, the Green Feathers team have spent more than 13 years designing the best bird box and wildlife cameras, offering an expanded range of successful products bringing the action of your garden to your TV, smartphone, or tablet. Their artisan workshop produces the perfect handmade, sustainably sourced wooden birdhouses for mounting their devices.

Details & Care


  • 2.5cm plate, best for Blue, Marsh, and Coal Tits
  • 2.8cm plate, best for Tree Sparrow, Great and Crested Tits
  • 3.2cm plate, best for House Sparrow, Nuthatch, and Pied Flycatcher
  • Three screws for installing one plate