Sylvagrow Ericaceous Peat-free Compost, 40l

Sylvagrow Ericaceous Peat-free Compost, 40l


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Perfect for lime-hating plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, heather and camelias, Sylvagrow Ericaceous Compost is a blend of fine bark and coir with additional organic nutrients which will be slowly released over four – six weeks promoting healthy, productive plants. Minimum purchase of three bags.


Due to growing concern over detrimental effects of peat blog depletion, this product is entirely peat free. The bark used is a by-product of sustainably managed British forest, the coir comes from ethically approved sources. Endorsed by the RHS and Soil Association, vegan friendly.

Details & Care
  • Follow basic garden hygiene
  • Wear gloves, wellington boots
  • Wash hands after working