Terracotta Bamboo Nursery Pots, 6

Terracotta Bamboo Nursery Pots, 6", Pack of Five


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Terracotta Bamboo Saucers, 6
Terracotta Bamboo Saucers, 6", Pack of Five


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Made from sustainable bamboo fibre, rice starch and resin made from naturally occurring organic compounds, these pots are a fantastic biodegradable option for the garden. Sturdy and durable, they will last for at least 5 years, with indoor or outdoor usage.

Pack consists of five terracotta colour pots. Composting may take 6-12 months - so breaking the pot into smaller pieces before adding to the compost bin will speed up the process.

Details & Care
  • BPA free
  • 5+ years lifespan
  • Can be combined with saucers (sold separately)