The Garden: Elements and Style
The Garden: Elements and Style
Toby Musgrave

The Garden: Elements and Style

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Drawing on his encyclopaedic knowledge, garden expert and historian Toby Musgrave offers the definitive reference guide to garden design, its rich history, and the creative art of gardening – a luxuriously illustrated A-Z compendium of more than 200 garden elements, styles, features, and ornaments for gardeners around the globe.


Whether creating an English cottage garden or tending a Japanese Zen landscape, the range and beauty of The Garden will inspire gardeners and garden lovers everywhere.

  • Hardback
  • Publisher: Phaidon Press
  • Extent: 304 pages
  • Illustrations: Fully illustrated
  • ISBN-10 1838660763; ISBN-13 1838660765
  • First edition, October 2020