Thuja orientalis Franky Boy
Thuja orientalis Franky Boy

Thuja orientalis Franky Boy

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Platycladus orientalis Franky Boy is a good example of an architectural plant which has impact in a mixed border or planted as a specimen in a container. Its distinctive, bright green foliage grows like fine, arching strands with an attractive scaly texture; the tips are lime green. In winter the evergreen foliage takes on a bronze colour, flushing green again in spring.

The Franky Boy part of the name comes from the nursery where it was bred in 1990 - the Frank nursery in Austria. There is confusion over its botanical name because this type of conifer is now not considered to be part of the Thuja family and has been grouped amongst the Platycladus. Whatever it is called, it forms a lovely backdrop to bright spring bulbs.


Flowers: Produces small greyish cones with hooked scales

  • Any moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun / partial shade
  • All aspects
  • Hardy

This attractive evergreen grows slowly and needs no pruning since much of the attraction is in the lime green tips.


Pine scented foliage