Jellycat Vivacious Veg Beetroot

Vivacious Veg Beetroot

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This smiley Beetroot is a member of the Vivacious Veg family. He or she is a root vegetable with many talents: squeeze the face and there is an intriguing crackling, the stiff felt stalks flap pleasingly and the velvety leaves are simply lovely to hold in a small hand. Should you drift off cuddling a Beetroot, no harm would be done.


The company that produces these now highly collected soft toys is based in London. They have made a name for themselves by designing toys that are safe, washable, and while adored by children, are also appealing to adults due to the clever use of sophisticated fabrics with different textures.

Details & Care
  • Suitable from birth
  • Material: (New materials) Polyester fibres, plastic pellets
  • Hand wash, do not machine tumble dry