Wool Pots, pack of ten
Wool Pots, pack of ten
Wool Pots

Wool Pots, pack of ten



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Banish the plastic pot with this biodegradable alternative. Made from washed, raw wool, simply fill with compost, add seeds or cuttings and pop the whole thing into the soil. By leaving the lip above ground you’ll also protect the plant from slugs and snails. The wool will compost, releasing nutrients into the soil to feed the young, growing plant.

500 million plastic pots go to landfill each year - Wool Pots offer a biodegradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative using natural wool.

Details & Care
  • 100% raw washed wool
  • Once in the soil they start to break down very quickly and within 6-7 weeks they become delicious plant food.
  • Water the plant initially from the top then subsequent watering should be from the bottom to encourage roots to grow down and for wool to wick up the moisture.
  • Made in Egypt