Yamatogawa Shuzo 'Waning Moon' Junmai Yauemon Sake, 72cl
Yamatogawa Shuzo

Yamatogawa Shuzo 'Waning Moon' Junmai Yauemon Sake, 72cl

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Uncomplicated and versatile, 'Waning Moon' is a creamy, full bodied sake with savoury notes of cooked rice and caramel flavours to finish. Its earthy profile pairs well with hearty umami-laden foods such as rustic cheese topped pizzas and barbecue grilled meats.

Established in the middle of the Edo period, Fukushima based Yamatogawa Shuzo have been brewing sake for 200 years. Located in the town of Kitakata, famed for its rice and noodle production, family run Yamatogawa Shuzo oversee production from grain to bottle, growing and harvesting their own rice on their local farm for nine generations.

  • 16% ABV
  • Product of Japan