A Fashion Show with a Twist

An all day Fashion and Garden event. Show times: 11am, 12am, 2pm, 3pm

Join us on Saturday 30th September 2017 for a Fashion Show with a twist.

Here at Burford, we like to mix things up a little. So why would a Burford Fashion Show be any different?

So pop in and see our new season's collections come to life amid a magical, pop-up garden. We will have a catwalk like no other, brought to life with a touch of theatre.

Expect to see some fine fashion brands such as the very trendy Mads Nørgaard, Selected Homme, Christys' Hats and Penelope Chilvers.

Be dazzled by the fabulous acting troupe, Smoke and Mirrors, who are back with a bang.

Meet our friends from London's oh so trendy Garden Museum.

Oh and don't forget to go mad for florals with perfumer Miller Harris and the amazing floral stylist Honeysuckle & Hilda.

To top it all off, there will be music, delicious food and something to drink.

Everyone is welcome and there is not a ticket in sight, just come!


11am, 12noon, 2pm, 3pm