Meet Fibrex, renowned growers of pelargoniums

In the heart of the breath-taking Worcestershire countryside, Fibrex nursery boasts a vast range of desirable pelargoniums. Originally established over 64 years ago, the current owners – Ed and Laura – run the nursery based on the principles of growing supreme quality plants. With a legacy steeped in horticultural expertise, Fibrex pride themselves on offering a diverse array of exquisite varieties.

Burford Garden Company

Ed and Laura at the Fibrex Nursery

Burford Garden Company

Pelargoniums, often known as ‘tender geraniums’, bear radiant, kaleidoscopic clusters of shades, from pristine whites, reds and oranges to deep purples. Upon the gentle touch of their foliage, a captivating scent is often released. Whether adorning pots, hanging baskets, window boxes, or gracing your interiors as an indoor plant, these multifunctional plants thrive best in sunny aspects. With the right care, they will reward with a profusion of blooms from spring to late autumn.

A very special collection...

Here, we have curated a collection of our favourites from this esteemed nursery, showcasing the delightful range of colours, properties, and fragrances we have available to elevate your gardens and culinary creations.

Attar of Roses

The sublime beauty of the Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’ is evidenced in the blend of lavender and blush pink painted on its delicate blooms. Similar to the Sweet Mimosa, Little Gem, and Grey Lady Plymouth varieties, this variety carries a subtle palette of rose hues combined with sweet, aromatic scents.

Lemon Kiss

The upright, bushy form of the Pelargonium ‘Lemon Kiss’ features a soft, off-white hue brimming with purity and sophistication. As with the mauve-coloured varieties Prince of Orange, Graveleons, and Rober's Lemon Rose, each is infused with a citrussy scent, a tangy choice to infuse in a baked creation.

Lavender Lindy

The Pelargoniums ‘Lavender Lindy’ and ‘Deerwood Lavender Lad’, each emit the tranquil aromas of – you guessed it – lavender! The small, enchanting blooms of the former, highly ethereal in their aesthetic, bear gentle shades of pale lilac, which when combined with their scent, makes for an enticing view and infused with natural perfume.

Pink Capricorn

The captivating citrussy and sweet notes of the Pelargonium ‘Pink Capricorn’ makes for an adventurous choice along with the ‘Lara Starshine’, ‘Candy Dancer’, and ‘Radula’. The exquisite scent makes this type a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, from flavouring teas and desserts to salads.

Royal Oak

Pelargonium ‘Royal Oak’, and also ‘Old Spice’, as their names suggest, offer fragrant woody notes that lends each variety their organic charm.

Variegated Fragrans

Brimming with fresh pine notes, the Pelargonium ‘Variegated Fragrans’, as well as the ‘Tomentosum’ and ‘Boths Snowflake’, features a highly bushy growth habit, ideal for filling your garden with an amassment of foliage and rejuvenating aromas.

Ardwick Cinnamon

Featuring a notable cinnamon aroma, the Pelargonium ‘Ardwick Cinnamon’ is a sweet choice for incorporating into an autumnal-themed bake. Carrying petite blooms, this variety would help to support statement blooms in a garden display.