Tunisian Harissa, 200g

Tunisian Harissa, 200g



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With all ingredients sourced from local farmers and suppliers, Lamri’s true Tunisian harissa is made with smoked bakluti peppers that have been dried in traditional log oven, bringing their deep smoky flavour and exceptional character; and unlike other harissa, they do not add any rose petals or xanthan gum. Authentic and steeped in rich, North African heritage, this may just be the best harissa you have ever tasted. 

Lamiri Harissa is a family run business with its roots in the heart of Tunis. The family recipe for their exceptional Tunisian harissa has been passed down through many generations of Lamiris, and ties back to their Berber roots. Imported directly from Las Marsa, Lamiri offer the very best sauce, straight from the source.

Details & Care
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Refrigerate once opened
  • Use within four weeks
  • Product of Tunisia