Malus domestica Hidden Rose MM106 12L
Malus domestica Hidden Rose MM106 (Apple) 12L
Apple Tree

Malus domestica Hidden Rose MM106 (Apple) 12L


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Most notable for the pink colour of its flesh, Hidden Rose has a flavour that has been likened to strawberry lemonadeThe flesh is crisp and juicy while the exterior skin is green/yellow with a pink/orange blush. Suitable for eating or cooking, this variety also stores well over winter.  

Still widely known by its original name Airlie Red Flesh, this variety was discovered in 1960s growing as a seedling tree near Airlie, Oregon, USA. Light cropping, it harvests late in the season.

  • Flowers: March- April
  • Harvest: October (keeps well until Jan/Feb)
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil 
  • South or West aspect 
  • Full sun 
  • Sheltered
  • Rootstock indicates that this is semi-vigorous bush, suitable as a half standard or for fan/ espalier use.
  • As this is not self-fertile, it will require a pollinator nearby (if you are planting in an urban area, you may not need to plant a partner)
  • Best grown in a sheltered, sunny spot where the blossom can attract pollinators and the fruit can ripen in the sun. Prune annually to achieve the optimum crop.
  • For an increased yield, plant with other apples.
  • Less susceptible to scab than other varieties.

Light and sweet