Winter Touch Gardening Gloves
Winter Touch Gardening Gloves

Winter Touch Gardening Gloves


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Bright yellow to avoid loss, these Winter Gardening gloves have been designed to feel tight when first worn so that when they expand the prescribed 20% they ‘fit like a glove’. This close fit gives greater dexterity in the garden. Comprising supple, high quality deerskin, reinforced on the palm, the lining includes two layers: one is thermal, the other an innovative waterproof and breathable layer. Endorsed by the RHS.
'Song of Hiawatha' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

‘He had mittens, Minjekahwun,

Magic mittens made of deerskin;

When upon his hand he wore them,

He could smite the rocks asunder,

He could grind them into powder.’


The company making these gloves was founded in 1971 by a welder, working on the Tyne, who saw the need for better work gloves. The popularity of the high quality examples he then produced encouraged him to design gloves for other uses, particularly gardening. The rest, as they say, is history.

Details & Care
  • Materials: high quality deerskin leather, lycra, nylon
  • Allow to air dry naturally then clap hands together to dislodge dirt. If washing is necessary, hand wash in a bowl of lukewarm water with a drop of washing up liquid, drain and air dry.