Bee Tumbler
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Bee Tumbler

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Crafted from pressed glass by one of the oldest artisanal glass makers in France with over 500 years experience, this tall glass is great for everyday use. Timeless and elegant, it is perfect for a long drink such as an iced tea or milkshake.

The classic raised bee motif comes from the tradition of adorning items with the Napoleonic bee and finishes the glass with typical French panache. The use of pressed glass creates a more robust form, resulting in a practical choice for entertaining or busy family life.

Details & Care

  • 46cl capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Avoid thermal shocks
  • The glass is sensitive to the hard water - a whitish deposit can be left on the surface of the glass. It is easily treated with warm water to which vinegar or lemon is added.
  • The presence of the relief decoration requires a mould in 2 parts and the vertical line you notice on each side of the glass is the mould opening line. Although this line is polished with a flame it doesn't completely disappear.
  • Made in France