Gardena Aquazoom Small Oscillating Sprinkler
Gardena Aquazoom Small Oscillating Sprinkler

Aquazoom Small Oscillating Sprinkler


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Gardena Ecoline Hose, 20m
Ecoline Hose, 20m
Gardena Ecoline Starter Set
Ecoline Starter Set


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This oscillating sprinkler may be small but it is mighty! Offering precision watering for areas of 9 to 150 m², you can set the range between 3 and 15 metres, the spray width between 3 and 10 metres and also the ability to water just one side. With its two large supporting feet, the sprinkler is always stable on the ground, using a unique design that gives it a modern appearance.


With its UV and frost resistance the sprinkler can remain outside year round. Its plastic spray nozzles can be quickly wiped clean of any limescale build-up and the water connection has a filter made from stainless steel. Twist off the connection by hand and you’ll see the filter, which can be removed easily for a quick swish under a running tap to remove any dirt particles.

Details & Care
  • Made in Germany
  • Frost resistant
  • The watering range is between 7 and 17 metres and is set by a slider. The oscillating sprinkler reaches a maximum of 13 metres in width.
  • Red Dot design award winner