Gardena Ecoline Oscillating Sprinkler
Gardena Ecoline Oscillating Sprinkler

Ecoline Oscillating Sprinkler


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Gardena Ecoline Hose, 20m
Ecoline Hose, 20m
Gardena Ecoline Starter Set
Ecoline Starter Set
Gardena Ecoline Water Sprayer
Ecoline Water Sprayer


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There’s nothing as satisfying on a summer’s day than the sight and sound of water sprinkling onto grass. This Ecoline Oscillating Sprinkler has an unobtrusive design and is made from recycled material. Ideal for evenly watering rectangular lawns or beds between 90 and 220 m², you can easily adjust the range of the sprinkler with a maximum spray width of 13 metres.


With its UV and frost resistance the sprinkler can remain outside year round. Its removable built-in filter can be quickly cleaned under running water and the cleaning needle (included) can be used to deal with any limescale build-up.

Details & Care
  • Made in Germany
  • Made from more than 65% recycled material from household waste. The aluminium pipes are made of more than 25% recycled material
  • Frost resistant
  • The watering range is between 7 and 17 metres and is set by a slider. The oscillating sprinkler reaches a maximum of 13 metres in width.