Minkar Copper Watering Can
Minkar Copper Watering Can

Minkar Watering Can



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With a long tradition of the benefits of imparting water with copper, this watering can is not only practical and antibacterial, but also incredibly beautiful. It has a shaped spout for water flow and is made from pure copper.


A perfect size for watering indoor plants in a conservatory or on a window sill. Copper is polished but unfinished and over time will create a rich patina. Wide handle for comfort and easy use. An elegant and timeless gift for the plant lover.

Minkar Watering Can

Details & Cares
  • Made in Austria
  • 3l capacity
  • Made of pure copper
  • Do not leave the can full with water outside in winter, as the water will freeze and could cause damaging swelling to the metal.