Musgo Shaving Brush
Musgo Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush



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A perfect accessory for a perfect gentleman. Made with noble materials – carved wood and stainless steel - and premium, manually processed synthetic fibres. The tips of the Musgo Real brush are soft, but the strengthened mid-section provides the firmness needed for regular lathering, providing a sleek and streamlined shaving experience.

The synthetic Silvertip Fibres® improve the performance of the shaving brush, drying faster than traditional animal hair, increasing its durability. These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied and produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream.

Details & Care
  • Immediately after use, rinse thoroughly under running water to prevent soap residue damaging the fine hair on the brush head.
  • Dry with the bristles pointing down.
  • Do not clean with chemical detergents.