Acer Palmatum Bi Hoo
Acer Palmatum Bi Hoo
Acer Palmatum Bi Hoo
Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum Bi Hoo


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Vitax Japanese Maple Acer Feed, 0.9kg
Japanese Maple Acer Feed, 0.9kg


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Japanese acers offer a wonderful oriental elegance in the garden. Deciduous Acer palmatum Bi Ho is a gloriously coloured, compact example that provides changing colour across the growing season. The deeply incised, lobed foliage is a bright yellow green that is tinged with salmon pink when it emerges in spring, turning a glorious yellow/orange colour in the autumn. The leaves then drop to reveal golden/yellow stems for winter interest.


This acer is perfect for a small or courtyard garden and can be grown in a large container. Its superb stem colour makes it a boon in the winter garden. Acers do need a sheltered position where their delicate foliage can dance on the breeze and have some protection from the elements.

  • Flowers: June - July followed by winged fruits
  • Hardy
  • All moist, well drained soil types
  • East, South or West facing
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • Sheltered
  • Prune back unwanted branches in autumn.
  • Acers need protection from wind and harsh frost so enjoy a sheltered position.
  • Leaf colour is best in partial sunlight.
  • They can show signs of scorching in extremely hot conditions so ensure the soil does not completely dry out in hot weather.