Adriatico Bianco Crushed Amaretto, 70cl

Adriatico Bianco Crushed Amaretto, 70cl


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A superb amaretto liqueur made exclusively using hand-picked almonds from the Apulian countryside. An intriguing expression built around milk from crushed white almonds, with a pinch of saline salt; the result is subtle creamy, lactose-free liqueur with an authentic almond flavour, and a delicate touch of the Adriatic.

Adriatico is made using all natural ingredients. Its incredible flavour comes primarily from the ‘Filippo Cea’ almonds used. Unlike most amaretto liqueurs on the market cane sugar is used far more sparingly, leaving you with a clean, unimpeded flavour of real almonds, rather than that sticky marzipan taste. Lastly, it is that pinch of saline salt from Margherita di Savoia that brings with it the delicate touch of the Adratic.


Contains nuts
Best stored in a cool dark place
28% ABV
Product of Italy