Atlas Maior of 1665
Atlas Maior of 1665
Joan Blaeu

Atlas Maior of 1665

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The original Latin edition of the Atlas Maior, completed in 1665, was the largest and most expensive book to be published during the 17th century. This stunning edition is based on the Austrian National Library’s complete coloured and gold-heightened copy and reprints its 594 maps covering all then-known continents to the highest reproduction standard, rendering full justice to this luxurious Baroque wonder. 

In an age of digitized cartography and global connectivity, the book celebrates the steadfast beauty of quality printing and restores the wonder of an exploratory age, in which Blaeu’s native Amsterdam was a centre of international trade and discovery.

Details & Care
  • Publisher: Taschen Books
  • Hard cover
  • Number of pages: 512 pages
  • Full colour images
  • ISBN: 9783836538039