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These Branche D'Olive Candles are the perfect way to bring a touch of chic French style to your interiors. Available in a variety of subtle yet beautiful fragrances, they are hand poured with a soya and mineral-oil based wax and have a burning time of up to 40 hours.

These candles are presented in fully recyclable frosted candle jars that produce a warm glow when lit. Finished in elegantly presented square boxes, these candles make thoughtful gifts for new home-owners or for those who wish to indulge and treat themselves.

Details & Care
  • Size: 190g
  • Burn time: Up to 40 hours
  • Maximise usage by trimming the wick to approx 7-8mm and centering after each use.
  • Made from a blend of soya & mineral oil wax which has an average fragrance content of 11%, using lead-free wicks
  • Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets and never burn candles unattended.
  • Cloud – the popular fragrance, this is a delicious combination of blackcurrant, fresh rose and violet, with added notes of soft vanilla and sandalwood
  • Feather – an indulgent scent, lemon geranium, mimosa and violet are blended with hints of nutmeg, warm musk, vanilla and sandalwood
  • Garrigue – the signature fragrance, notes of citrus, bergamot and lavender are blended with thyme and woody sandalwood
  • Verbena – crispy green citrus and floral white jasmine are infused with a soft musky base
  • Neroli – sparkling notes of orange and petitgrain are combined with orange blossom and rose for a sweet and woody scent