Bohns Breast Enchancer Spice Rub

Breast Enchancer Spice Rub



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Offering a mix of spices and seasonings key to achieving the that smoky, rich barbecue flavour. For the very best results, apply the rub to your meat an hour before cooking. This will allow the great flavour combination of paprika, chilli, black pepper, and garlic to penetrate the meat, making it so easy for you to prepare the most beautiful chicken. 

Never one to blush at a cheeky pun, Thomas Bohn, the founder of Bohn’s Finest Rubs & Spices, is a man who has rubbed, tasted, and experimented widely when it comes to meat. His search for getting the most out of meat with a collection of dry rubs has produced tender, succulent, and mouth-watering results.

Details & Care
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Shake sachet contents before use
  • May contain traces of mustard powder