British Grown Ficus Elastica Robusta
British Grown Ficus Elastica Robusta
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British Grown Ficus Elastica Robusta

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A variegated plant with a compact form, the Ficus elastica Robusta bears sturdy, oval shaped, thick leaves. Glossy in its texture, the light elegantly reflects off the foliage, filling the room with a tropical lustre.  

This special range of high-quality houseplants are British grown and peat free. Using eco-friendly approaches to cultivating houseplants, the growers have used a fruitful combination of a recycled peat-free medium and biomass heating.

  • Pot Size: 17cm
  • Use a well-draining potting soil
  • Indirect Sunlight
  • Pet-friendly
  • Please note that the featured pot cover is not included.

Ficus like room temperatures around 15° to 25°. Prefers high humidity, to increase humidity try grouping plants together, or misting regularly. Your plant's leaves will appreciate being cleaned gently with a warm sponge.