British Grown Monstera Deliciosa, 17cm pot
British Grown Monstera Deliciosa, 17cm pot
Swiss Cheese Plant

British Grown Monstera Deliciosa, 17cm pot

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Immensely popular and easy to care for, the tropical evergreen plant is native to South America, most notable for their iconic, perforated leaves that resemble Swiss cheese, hence the nickname. Their structural form makes them an ideal statement plant to position within your interior space. 

This special range of high-quality houseplants are British grown and peat free. Using eco-friendly approaches to cultivating houseplants, the growers have used a fruitful combination of a recycled peat-free medium and biomass heating.

  • Pot Size: 17cm
  • Position: Indirect sunlight
  • Soil: Use a well draining, aerated potting soil mix
  • Please note, the pot cover featured is not included.
Plant care

Famously low maintenance, the Monstera grows well in temperatures between 18°C-30°C. Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between watering. Normal room humidity will do, but prefers humid conditions if possible, so we recommend misting from time to time.