Caladium lindenii (Xanathosoma)
Caladium lindenii (Xanathosoma)
Angels’ Wings

Caladium lindenii (Xanathosoma)

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This rare Caladium lindenii is sought after for good reasons; its handsome leaves grow in the form of large arrowheads, up to 30 cm long, with prominent, highly attractive markings, making it a very striking addition to an interior. It is slow growing so will not outgrow the spot you have chosen for it. Not only is it collectable, but it has mild air purifying qualities.


It is part of a group of plants called aroids which produce spadix - flowers in sheaths, like Peace Lilies or our native Cuckoo Pints. Caladium lindenii (previously called Xanathosoma lindenii), is native to Colombia. It was named after the famous Belgian, 19th-century botanist, Jean Jules Linden, who was an expert, curiously, on orchids.

  • Pot size: 14cm (5½in)
  • Height and Spread: H: 60-90cm (2-3ft) x W: 60-90cm (2-3ft) after 2-5 years
  • Soil: Well-draining, loam based potting compost
  • Position: Bright, indirect light or shade (sun will scorch leaves)
  • Mildly air purifying
  • Please note, the pot cover featured is not included
  • Toxic if eaten, handle with care

This Caladium likes bright light but not direct sun. Water when the soil has nearly dried out (to avoid root rot), do not water during the winter. Give it two or three liquid feeds in the growing season and mist the leaves regularly. Protect from draughts.